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IR Grasp- The Kill Order

The Kill Order - James Dashner

        The Kill Order by James Dashner is an intense book. It begins with a couple of survivors from a destructive virus that can kill you. They live in a village and they all have become like one big family. The characters that i read were Mark, Trina, Toad, Misty, and Darnell, Alec, Lana. It was nice for them, they were living at least. But then soon an airship comes with men in biohazard suits shooting them with things that have the virus in the shot, and only Darnell and Misty were hit by it and they both died from it. They then had to try and survive without having a home or food. They had a mission though, which was to go in the base that killed Darnell and Misty and find out information. They did their mission but they all were infected with the disease and they all died. The theme that i found in this book was that you need to stick together and work together to accomplish anything because in the story they had many conflicts but they still did what they had to do together no matter the cost.


       I really did like this book, it was exciting at some parts and it had suspense like when the people in biohazard suits come and start shooting the virus at them which kills 2 people. What i didn't like was the ending where they were infected and killed which was pretty messed up. I had questions in some parts of the book. One question i had was why did the people in biohazard suits shoot the virus to them? Shouldn't they help each other for a cure? In the end i would definitely recommend this to anyone that has been reading this series or want to read this series. I would recommend reading this book first since it is the prequel to the series.